How To Combine Print And Digital Media To Create Your Own Marketing Superpower!

How To Combine Print And Digital Media To Create Your Own Marketing Superpower!

How do I unite both forms of media?

Digital Marketing1.   Brand Unity

Having a print and online presence unites your brand and makes your brand a lot more credible. Having a presence in both sections is also very useful as they both complement each other well and reinforce the other one just as well.

2.   Including Social Media And Website On Print

This point is a given and if you’re not already doing it, we strongly advise you to do so. A business card or any other type of informational printed product is there to inform, obviously. So missing out your company’s website and social media platforms just doesn’t make sense, if you do include them it further increases your traffic to your social media platforms and your website and could reinforce your company’s credibility if someone took a look at them.

3.   QR Codes

Qr codes are a brilliant way of uniting both medias. You can place a Qr code that takes the user to a special offer or an exclusive page when scanned which is a big incentive to visit your digital side for those who prefer printed media or haven’t explored the online presence of you company.

4.   Campaigns

You could create a printed campaign and add your social media platforms to the print, but also add a hashtag to follow your campaign. Using on that isn’t used, so it’s a fresh hashtag that can be associated with your promotion. Not only is that good for your followers and customers, but it’s good for you as it allows you to track your promotion through the hashtag mentions. It also allows you to turn a one to one campaign into a many to many campaign where you can interact with the people who have your printed promotion it also gives each follower and fan the chance to engage with each other.

5.   Direct mail

Prepare your target audience for printed direct mail using email: The Ink IQ Blog notes that “If you have both a physical and email address for a customer or prospect, integrating direct mail and email can be an effective way to make the most impact on the individual.” They provide an example:

“A marketer sends an email alerting a customer that an important direct mail piece will soon arrive. Then the direct mail piece is sent about a week later. After the direct mail arrives, a follow up email is sent to reinforce the message in the direct mail and encourage a response. This three-part campaign can be conducted almost as cheaply as sending the direct mail alone, since there is little cost associated with the two email contacts.”

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