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As brochure printers based in Cannock, we can provide your business with brochures that increase your sales and make you look fantastic throughout the Midlands area.

As passionate brochure printers based in the Midlands, we understand the area very well. Which means we can work even closer with you to make sure our brochure printing is exactly what you want from your brochures. As Midlands Printers we enjoy networking and connecting with other local businesses to form a network of professionals that can benefit everyone.

As we're so local to the Midlands area, we've helped numerous clients achieve what they wanted through our brochure printing services. From Accountants needing brochures to demonstrate their services to Schools needing brochures to highlight a particular topic, our versatile, bespoke brochures are designed and printed with your audience and goals in mind. It's not only important for us that you can expand, but it's important for the Midlands too as your growth will help other Midlands based businesses.

Local Brochure Printers Midlands

Helping Local Businesses Succeed With Print

At Printmonster we not only take pride in our brochures, but we also in what we do to help the Midlands area and the businesses within the Midlands. Brochures are an amazing way to get your products, services or business seen by people, especially locally. If you require artwork, we can do all the work, designing your brochures for you! We'll work closely alongside you to make sure that your design is what you and/or your business require. We are incredibly proud of Print Monster's past and coming from the Midlands ourselves and growing thanks to you, we feel that making sure your brochures are of the highest quality and standard is the least we can do. If you are looking for a Midlands based brochure printing company who can guarantee you brochures that are designed and printed with your businesses in mind, give us a call to see how we can help.

Working With You To Make Your Print The Best

We can design and create your brochures to the standard and style you want, whilst also working closely with you to make sure your business looks brilliant!

We provide various finishing options and extras such as:

*Saddle stitching
*Wire binding
*Perfect binding
& Spot UV

We think brochures are great, no brilliant! If you're looking to see what brochures can do for your midlands based business, please get in touch and our friendly team will get your brochures looking phenomenal!

Come & Visit Us, We're A Friendly Bunch

Due to us being located within the West Midlands, it means we are surrounded by a lot of our customers. We consider this a benefit as it allows them and you to come into our office and chat with us face to face over a coffee. It also allows you to pop in to make any changes to your brochure artwork that you wish to be changed. This allows you to sit down with our inhouse Graphic Designer and advise him on what parts of your brochure design you would like edited. But this is not just for our clients, it also a great thing for people who may not been familiar with Printmonster. Our door is open from 9 to 5, if you ever wish to come and have a chat with us face to face about printing and/or brochure printing, the opportunity is always there for you whether you are within the Midlands area or further out.

Providing your own artwork

Artwork Specifications

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Ready to go?

Once you have checked your artwork is suitable for print according to our artwork specification guide, you can upload your artwork to us. Once we have received your artwork one of our team members will get in touch.

If you have any queries though please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Design Team on 01543 462323 or via our Enquiry Form and we will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.

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