How Do Colours Affect You?

How Do Colours Affect You?

The Psychology Behind Colours


Choosing colours for their psychological properties may not seem that important to you, but we assure you, they are. The colours you are using could actually represent emotions and feelings that you do not want your brand representing.

┬áBut Don’t worry you don’t have to be a Psychologist to understand the psychological properties behind each colour. We have found some great links that do a brilliant job of explaining in depth the positive and negative emotions and feelings that colours can represent.

true-colors – Wikipedia does a great job of explaining all the different aspects of the psychology of colours to give you a more detailed understanding of colour psychology. – Colour affects goes a lot more in depth in terms of the actual emotions and feelings that each colour represents, they also provide a great description for each colour too. – This infographic goes a step further and starts to explore different shades of colour and explaining the little differences that each shade has.

After reading this you may want to assess the colours you use to see if what they represent is in line with what you want your company/brand representing.