Changes To The Printmonster Team!

Changes To The Printmonster Team!

We are sure you will want to join with us in sending our best wishes for future success to Gavin Obee who will be leaving Printmonster at the end of the month. We are sorry he has made the decision to move on; however we do understand his desire to pursue his career elsewhere.

Gavin has been an integral part of our team and an excellent ambassador for Printmonster. We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed working alongside him and we wish him all of the best and hope that he continues his success for many years to come. Gavin’s last day will be Friday 29th of this month.

Fortunately the other members of the team will be staying and therefore will be readily available to provide the excellent service which all of our customers have come to expect. You will appreciate that everything we do at Printmonster involves more than one person; it’s why we believe every member of our team is so important to the process.

Anthony McCormack has now joined us to continue Gavin’s good work. Anthony has spent the last 12 years working in the U.S and brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in customer services.

You may not be aware we also have plans to introduce other new members into our team as we meet our objectives for expansion. It’s an exciting time for everyone here at Printmonster; please be assured that everything we do, we do with you, our customer, in mind.

If you would like to find out a little more about Anthony, you can contact him on:

You can also reach out to him on his LinkedIn account which he’s currently excited about setting up! –