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7 Trade Show Tips To Lead You To Event Success!


Trade Show Tips



Ensuring that you’ve got everything planned before attending a trade show is vital to seeing any kind of success from the event. These trade show tips are to help give you an idea of the kind of things that you need to consider before taking your business to a trade show/exhibition. Following the age old saying of “failing to plan is planning to fail” can go a very long way and trade shows are no exception. As we’ve attended plenty of trade shows ourselves, we’ve managed to pick up a few things and this list is to help prevent you making some of the mistakes that we have. So without further ado, we hope you enjoy our 7 trade show tips.



You’re probably all aware by now that social media is here and it’s going nowhere anytime soon. Announcing that you’ll be attending a trade show and posting reminders is a great way to make sure that people are aware that you’ll be there. Another effective way to use social media for trade shows is to live tweet the event. Twitter is perfect for live, hot off the press news and being at the forefront of that is a surefire way to ensure that everyone at the trade show and/or following it will know you. This can even warm all of the visitors to your stand before they even speak to you.



This could be one of the most helpful trade show tips you receive, if you’ve never been to a trade show before, you won’t realise how busy they can get. If you go to the exhibition on your own, you risk leaving your stand unattended, especially when you decide that you’d like to visit some of the other stands dotted around the trade show and who wouldn’t want to? Taking someone with you and rotating roles will help speed up your set up times and enable you to interact with many more people.



Another vital thing to do is to make sure that you’re well prepared. Put together a checklist before your trade show to ensure that you will have everything once you get there. The last thing that you want to do is search for something that you need and then realise that you haven’t taken it with you. Check everything and tick it off to be sure that you have everything and arrive at the event early. This will give you time to set up and deal with any issues that may arise before the trade show is in full swing.


Your display plays a massive part to exhibiting at a trade show, the second to a good display stand is well-presented representatives from your business. We highly recommend that you work closely with your designer and printer on your trade show display. A designer will have the eye and knowledge to ensure that there isn’t a lot of noise with your designs. They’ll also have the expertise in highlighting what your business does clearly and in a visually stimulating way. Discussing your printing options with your printers is also very beneficial, this is because printers naturally know print very well. They can recommend what they think you should use and help advise you on your options. If you already know what you want that’s brilliant, but if not, speaking with a designer and printers will be something that you won’t regret doing. If you’re designing your display internally be sure to keep your designs simple, bold and easy to read. You don’t want your visitors to be bombarded with clutter and just not bother looking at your display that you’ve paid good money for.


Another great thing to provide at your event is an exclusive offer, promotion, competition, etc. This will give your stand visitors a sense of exclusivity which can lead to impulse decisions. Put a lot of thought into what you’d like to offer to them as you want it to be something that gives them genuine value or they’ll see right through you, especially if your target audience is attending the event.


One of the most important trade show tips is to ensure that you’re collecting information and contact details about the people who visit your stand. You can do this by simply asking people as you interact with people, but an additional entertaining way to obtain information is to hold a competition. You could create a game where people put their business cards into a jar to enter or hold a raffle that requires a business card to be passed onto you to be entered into it. The more creative you are, the better the results will be. This is because it’s more appealing to people when compared to openly asking if you can have their information and potentially coming across as a little forward.


Last on this list and of course, we couldn’t forget this one. You’re most likely looking to attend a trade show to obtain more business and build relationships up with your prospects, so why forget about them after the trade show has ended? From all of the information that you collect as mentioned in the previous tip, you can use this to get back in touch after a couple of weeks and even dabble in some email marketing, referencing the trade show. If you are going to use email marketing, be sure to have an unsubscribe button to give people the chance to opt out of future emails from you. The chances are that you’ll have to keep in touch to nurture the relationships that you created at the trade show but as long as you’re patient, you’ll start to see results coming through after a while.


To round all of these trade show tips off, we’re going to give you a couple of reminders. So in summary, to have a successful trade show, you need to be sure to:

  • Use social media to your advantage and live tweet and/or use social media platforms like Periscope to even live stream the event to be at the forefront of the event.
  • Take someone with you to avoid an abandoned stand.
  • Get prepared and make sure that everything is ready for the event to prevent stress once you arrive to setup.
  • Make your stand is as visually appealing as possible through good communication with your design team and/or outsourced designer and printers.
  • Offer exclusives to give people a reason to visit your stand and take part in what you’re offering.
  • Collect information that you can use to follow up with people after the trade show has finished. Use competitions and games to offer a fun alternative way to collect the information that you can use for email marketing and follow ups.


Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and we hope that we’ve given you some food for thought for your trade show. We wish you the best of luck with your event and if you take into consideration these trade show tips, we’re confident that you’ll have a great time and a successful event. If you liked this, please share it so it can help others out there looking for help with their trade shows.

Calendar Design Tips | Market Your Business All Year Round!




This is obviously a big one, nobody wants to have to write a long name, note or meeting address to come to realise that the calendar they have doesn’t even consider space. One of the most basic steps, but a mistake that is surprisingly made quite often, let the words be cosy, not cramped. Another reason to make sure that there’s enough space is for those people who have multiple reminders on one day. They’ll definitely be grateful if there is plenty of room, especially when compared to the alternative of giving someone a calendar and not leaving enough space for them to write in.


If you’re giving calendars away, a good idea is to insert some special key dates for your business. A good example of this is to inform your calendar receivers that you’ll be at an event and ask them to come along. If they’d like to, they can always reach out to you and let you know. Not only can you highlight events, but you can also highlight sales. You could even offer those with your calendars exclusive sales, just for them. They may be progressing through the month, see your sale is upcoming and decide to place their order/s with you.


As a printing company, we’ve seen plenty of examples of calendar design. We’ve seen everything from one month per page to a one-page calendar, though there is one format that we prefer over the rest, this format is the popular and appreciated one month per page. It’s easily the most user-friendly and convenient calendar design as it allows plenty of space to be utilised and you can also add some great, high-quality images for each month.


Before preparing your calendar design you need to consider why are you ordering calendars. Whether it be to promote your business, give to your loved ones as a gift or give people the motivation to use your services with sales and events, goals are a very important part of planning.  They also give you the platform to measure if calendars have been effective and helpful to your business.


Once your calendar design has been finalised, obviously the next important step is the actual printing of your calendars. This is a process that you should take your time with and sit down with a printer to discuss all of the different options that you can use.  You’ll need to consider a range of things such as:

  • What works with your overall calendar design?
  • What makes it easy to use?
  • Would it look best matte or glossy?
  • What kind of bindings look best with your calendar design?
  • & much more different options that you need to consider to make your calendars look the best.


Gone are the days where calendars were produced on low-grade papers, simply used to note down certain dates. Today they are very effective marketing tools that can be integrated into a range of different marketing strategies. Always serving a purpose to your receivers and reminding them every time they use their calendar that your business is out there.

We hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did, please share it across social media and help spread the word about the humble calendar.


If you’d like some help with your design or just have some general questions about what we could do for your business, email us at and our dedicated design team will be more than happy to help

10 Flyer Design Tips to Stop your Flyers Ending up in a Bin!

10 Flyer Design Tips That Will Boost Your Flyers’ ROI!

flyer design tips

Introduction to flyers

Flyer design tips: If designed and printed correctly, flyers can have a massive impact on the marketing activities of an event, special occasion, business, products and many more. But when they’re badly designed, you may find that they do not perform that well. This may dishearten you and wonder what’s the point of using flyers if they aren’t showing any return on investment, well don’t worry, we can help 🙂 Now we’re not claiming to be flyer designing superheroes (ok maybe a little), but we do have a good amount of years behind us to know what works and what doesn’t.

Flyers are brilliant as they are easily passed to people, aren’t expensive and can be kept for many weeks, even months by people who’ve received them. So without further ado, let’s move onto our 10 flyer design tips which will explain what you can do to make your flyers stand out.

Make it catchy

Much like with any instance of writing a headline, you need to make it so it’s catchy and attention grabbing. If you regularly use social media, you probably have a great idea of headlines that work, but if not, here are some handy power words that you can use on a wide range of headlines. Your headline should also say what you do very clearly. If your headline is catchy but not informational, you’ll just leave viewers with a catchy headline that doesn’t really say anything about you.

Easy to identify points

This is an important one as you should make your points as easy to read as possible. Don’t use difficult to read fonts and typefaces as it will put people off. Try not to shout out your points with all caps either as that can also be difficult to read. In a summary of this point, try to keep everything as clear and easy to read as you possibly can.

Proofread, proofread and proofread again

Proofreading is vitally important especially when it comes to your contact details, product information and business name. A misspelt business name, incorrect contact details and wrong product information can make a flyer completely useless. Just to be safe it would be best to proofread your flyer design twice, then arrange for one or two others to also check it over for you.

Call to action

Always include a call to action, it might sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t use call to actions on their flyer design. A couple of examples of call to actions are call us now, visit our website or download for free. Providing your readers with a call to action shows them where you want them to go. This can also help you to record the results of your flyer marketing, especially if it leads to a webpage which can be monitored using Google Analytics.

Think like your customer

Put yourself into the mindset of your customer, think about how you’d react to your flyer if you were them. Does it sound too salesy? Is it bland to read? A simple thing to do but something that can benefit your flyer design massively. Keeping your flyers focused entirely on your customers and not yourself will yield much better results than thinking selfishly.

Special Offers

As well as making sure that your flyer design is customer focused, it also helps to give the viewers of your flyers something in return for them taking time to read about you. A special offer is perfect for this as you can provide them with an exclusive offer just for them. Be sure to make it a timed exclusive though as it’s more likely to prompt action from your viewers.

Understand your audience

Do your research to determine the type of customer that you’d like to base your flyer design off. This is especially important if your business sells very specialist products as you’ll probably want to use industry terms. Obviously people not within the industry will not understand that, but they’re probably not going to buy your products so your flyer wouldn’t have an impact on them anyway.

Brag about yourselves

We don’t mean brag in the sense of your products are better than all other similar products, a much more accepted way to brag is to use testimonials. Using the testimonials that you’ve received from your kind customers is a great way to demonstrate the value of your products. If you haven’t received any testimonials yet, don’t be afraid to ask your customers. If they’re happy with your business, you may be surprised at how many will be happy to write you a testimonial.

 Be different

Don’t copy what your competition are saying, everyone claims to be the best at what they do. You might indeed be the best at what you do but the likelihood is that they’ve seen it all before. Being different is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you stand out from everyone else. Being different automatically makes you more interesting. Try to focus on things that you do that your competition don’t.

White space

Flyers aren’t for jamming as much as you can into one design as possible, you’ll need to have some white space to bring the focus onto the main part of your flyer design. Properly structuring your flyer’s layout is also very important as it will make it easier for the reader to read.  Using bullet points is an excellent way to get information across on a flyer.


Overall as long as you keep your customers and audience in mind, your flyer design should reach out to them brilliantly. Following some or all of the steps above should ensure that your flyer design is the best that it can possibly be. When you or someone else designs your flyers, make sure that the design is clean, laid out properly and is easy to read. If you stick to that simple mindset, we’re confident that your flyers will work their magic.

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Business Christmas Cards | 7 Tips To Maximise Their Impact!

Business Christmas Cards | 7 Tips To Maximise Their Impact!


business christmas cards

Business Christmas cards are a brilliant way to say thank you to your customers! Though this may seem a little too soon for a Christmas-themed blog post, for the print trade this is just in time. We have a wide range of customers who have already purchased their Christmas cards.  As we said, this may seem way too early for some of you, but ordering them now enables them to be customised, branded, ordered, etc.  Dealing with them at this time of year also reduces the potential Christmas time stress. This is because if there are any issues, there is still plenty of time to deal with them. Having them done by Christmas also gives businesses the chance to focus on their sales/marketing/customers’ activities, without having to worry about if their business christmas cards will be ready in time. Without further ado, here are 7 tips to help you maximise your business Christmas cards this year!


Your Branding

The chances are that you’re obviously going to want your company’s name on the cards. However, have you also considered adding your logo and your company colours to the card? Tying your colours in with your business Christmas cards is a great way to make the card feel more personal. Rather than the generic green and red, using your company’s colours will also make your customers aware that you’ve gone to a lot of effort.

No Digital

Within the digital age it’s no surprise that you can create a free digital Christmas card and send your contacts the link. Although the most convenient and affordable option, what kind of impression will that give your customers? It will make them think that they’re only worth five minutes of your time. Nothing can compete with the feeling of receiving a quality greetings card through the post, especially at Christmas! So why not treat your customers and show them how much you care.

Customer Retention

The humble business Christmas card also holds a lot of power. If you take the time to think how much money you spend on keeping your customers, we imagine it’s a significant amount dearer than the cost of a Christmas card. When a customer feels valued by a company, they will naturally want to do business with the company that values them the most. Even better, you could also throw in something a little extra. Just make sure it’s not self promotional, otherwise it will tarnish your friendly, caring Christmas message.

Stand Out

There is nothing wrong with the ordinary Christmas images on your cards, but if you want your business Christmas cards to be noticed, that probably isn’t the best way to go. Chances are that your card will take pride of place amongst plenty of other cards on a table, wall, card rack, etc. So to stand out from the crowd, your Christmas cards need to be unique. You could create a unique design, include your team or even turn in into a funny, humorous card.

Greetings Cards Aren’t Just for Christmas

You could skip Christmas altogether, that may seem a little silly but it could help you stand out. Sending a New Year’s Day card would help separate your business from the load of cards that are sent out and received at Christmas. It’s also displayed at the perfect time, just before everyone is back at work.  However, if you’re feeling very generous, you could always send a business Christmas card and a New Year’s Day card!

Get Them Early

The last thing that you want to do is realise that you haven’t got your business Christmas cards ready. Especially if you’re at the end of November. An easy way to combat this is to get them done early. As we mentioned, many of our customers have already purchased theirs to make sure they’re ready in time for Christmas . Getting them sorted early also prevents the stress that’s involved when you’re scrambling for cards last minute. Due to the rush, the quality of your Christmas cards could be impacted.

Leave Plenty of Time for Delivery

We all know exactly what the postal service is like around Christmas. It becomes very busy and strained and if you leave it too late, your business Christmas cards may not arrive until the New Year. By then, your message is irrelevant and your effort would have gone to waste. Our general rule of thumb is to send them out between 5th-10th December, this will ensure that they arrive to your deserving customers on time.

Nasa Branding | One Giant Leap For Russian Designer!

Nasa Branding | Could Russian Designer Lead Them Into The Future?

nasa branding


Nasa have taken us into space, put men on the moon and have recently landed a probe onto a comet, yet their branding has never quite lived up to their achievements in space. The fact that their current logo is regarded by some as a “meatball” really says it all. However a Russian designer may have just solved Nasa’s branding problems.


Designing a whole new kind of Nasa branding, Max Lapteff seems to have hit the nail right on the head. It ticks all the boxes when you think of space exploration. Does it look futuristic? Yes. Does it look clean and smart? Yes. In a world where minimalism is dominating, should Nasa consider replacing their current branding for something a little more minimalistic, such as Max’s design?

In an interview with Wired, Max said “The idea came to mind at once when I looked in the night sky at the moon and saw a potentially beautiful circular logo,” he continued on to say “Our universe consists of the atoms, all planets are round, space is infinite and has no beginning or end like a circle, NASA ships and satellites constantly fly on an orbit, and so on. As well as the great inspiration behind his design, he’s even given Nasa a slogan that serves their missions well, “For the Benefit of All”.


Not only does his branding and slogan ooze space exploration, it also looks great placed on astronaut suits, space shuttles and shirts. He’s already covered changing their logo for special occasions such as landing on Mars! You can find more of Max’s Nasa branding work below:

[huge_it_gallery id=”2″]


What do you think of this fictional version of Nasa’s branding? If you like this, you can find more of his work here!

Print Marketing – Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder

What’s  So Special About Print Marketing?

print marketing

 Do Consumers Prefer Print Marketing?

We love print marketing and this may be obvious to a lot of you. We could speak endlessly about the sound that the machines make to the smell of the production room, but we thought that we’d let the clear evidence show you that people do think print is special. In fact, the results of this recent survey may just surprise you. The survey which was commissioned by Two Sides and undertaken by research company Toluna discovered some very interesting results.

What did they find?

  • 84% of UK respondents understood, retained or used information that had been printed and read on paper much better than information received on a digital device.
  • 83% stated a clear preference for reading print on paper for more complex topics
  • 79% found printed media more relaxing to read
  • 60% of mobile/smart phone users (rising to 71% amongst the 18 – 24 year olds) were concerned about how these devices were damaging their health

You can find this information and a little more about the survey here.


What does this tell us?

Let’s use some examples and start with bullet point one. If 84% of respondents better understand, retain or use information that is on print marketing material, this could mean:

  • Your product information on a brochure would be better retained by an individual than information read from your website.
  • Your marketing efforts would more likely be used from your print marketing when compared to your digital marketing.
  • They understand more on printed literature which can lead to them placing trust and confidence in your products and services.

83% of people prefer reading print for complex topics. This one is pretty straight forward, if you need to go into a lot of detail about your product/s, they’re more likely to read about it from paper than from your social media platforms or website. Finally, let’s end with mobile/smartphone users worrying about their health. This may be a drastic idea, but this could possibly mean that a small amount of people may reduce the amount of time they spend on their phones. If they reduce their online time, they could increase their offline time which gives you the opportunity to use both print marketing and digital marketing to utilise the best of both worlds.


Is Print Marketing Effective?

is print marketing effective


Print is far from dead, if print were dead, this blog post wouldn’t even exist today. It’s thanks to our brilliant customers who’ve built our company up to where it is today. Although we do agree that print marketing is not useful for a few marketing projects, for the most part, print can be used to market nearly every single business, product and service. Here are a few examples of how big name players have successfully used print marketing:

  1. Sky increased their new customers’ Sky Sports subscriptions by 35% – Click here to find out how.
  2. Ikea went from having 0 Instagram followers to 12,000 using print marketing. – Click here to find out how.
  3. Volkswagen used print to gain 12,459 unique hits on their website after the campaign launched. – Click here to find out how.

As we draw to a close, let’s reflect on the title of this blog post. Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Well… The answer is yes. The fact that print is currently being underused is making consumers appreciate print a lot more as we saw in the survey. Most people are active online and we’ve all seen the spam and useless content that we have to trawl through to find those hidden gems. The difference with print is that it provides useful information straight to the reader in a simple form.

We’d like to thank you for reading our blog post and we hope you’ve found it useful. Please feel free to let us know what you think and if you could possibly share this blog, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Let’s Do Business – Printmonster’s Experience!

Let’s Do Business – What Did We Think?

Let's Do Business

Planning for the Let’s Do Business event was a lengthy, but rewarding process. It involved our team coming together and thinking up of ideas that we could use for our event. After some long meetings and discussions, we had a plan put together. We were going to create a ‘Feed The Printmonster’ game which would coincide with our recent branding.

As we started to gather the resources required for our exhibition stands and game, we all had the same vision which contributed greatly to the outcome of the event. As the game started to take shape we were all pretty excited. Once the game was complete, our Printmonsters decided to test the game and we had a lot of fun feeding the Printmonster. With Let’s Do Business fast approaching, we became more and more excited to attend and we were amazed at how many people attended.


Let's Do Business Event

Once we had arrived at Uttoxeter Racecourse, we started to set up our stand immediately. We carefully laid out each piece of our stand to make sure it looked fantastic with our game taking pride of place. Unfortunately, we did miss breakfast but we did manage to finish the stand just in time for the setup deadline.

We then got the chance to walk around and meet some of the other exhibitionists, which we thought was great! It gave us all the chance to get to know the other businesses before the Let’s Do Business event officially started. After having some interesting chats with the other exhibitors we were all ready for the event to start.

 Event Start

let's do business networking

Once the event had started, the delegates started visiting all the stands. It was incredible to see so many people there, we were told 700+ people had booked before the event and it turned out to be a fantastic 1000+ people. Luckily, Uttoxeter Racecourse was a brilliant venue and had more than enough room for everyone to spend time networking.  It was great to meet and chat with so many businesses and professionals and we thank everyone who came to have a chat with us.

The Let’s Do Business event enabled us all to learn a lot more about surrounding businesses, it also opened a few doors for a lot of people attending. There were a ton of great stands around us and it was even better to see everyone enjoying themselves whilst networking. If the atmosphere itself doesn’t convince anyone to attend next time, we sure will be recommending it to plenty of people who didn’t manage to attend.

On a sidenote,  we were very grateful for all of the brilliant feedback we got on our ‘Meet The Printmonsters’ artwork. We’re incredibly pleased that plenty of people gave positive feedback on the Printmonsters as we designed it to help you attach names to our business. You can definitely be sure to see more of these in the future. If you haven’t had the chance to see our Printmonster’s, you can find them all here >>>>

Drawing To The End Of Let’s Do Business

let's do business printmonster

Towards the end of Let’s Do Business, we got to have some great fun! One of these instances was thanks to Burton Albion C.T for giving us the chance to hold the incredible League 2 Cup!  We’d also like to say a massive thank you to Ed Sumner for performing some great magic around our stand, he certainly managed to wow a few people! We’d also like to say a big thank you to Christine Thomas for arranging for Ed to perform alongside us. If you’re interested in finding out a little more about these two wonderful people, you can find them by clicking on their names.

 Let’s Do Business Was Great Fun!!!

let's do business competitions

Altogether, the Let’s Do Business event was fantastic! It was great to see our stress balls go down well and we were very, very glad that we decided to attend. We will definitely be recommending this event for many months to come as it’s an event that nobody can afford to miss. It provided us all with the casual platform to interact with lots of great businesses and people from around our areas. We are incredibly grateful to all of those who came to have a chat with us on our stand! If any of you would like to connect with our team, you can find Anthony’s & Autumn’s LinkedIn profiles by clicking on their names.

And The Winner Is…

let's do business winner

Please join us in congratulating David Brown from Babcock Training in his recent win of our Let’s Do Business £100 restaurant voucher giveaway. We hope he enjoys his free meals when he redeems them and we wish him all the best. To everyone else who participated in the game, thank you so much for feeding our Printmonster, he was very hungry and is now very happy and full.

Special Thanks

Let's Do Business 2015Let's Do Business

Of course we’d like to say a massive thank you to the hosts of this amazing event. Staffordshire Chamber and Greater Birmingham Chamber really did put a fantastic event together and we look forward to seeing what other future events are heading our way! Thank you also to Uttoxeter Racecourse for providing us all with a fantastic venue on an incredibly beautiful day! We hope to see all of you at the next one.



Feed The Printmonster!

Prepare For Printmonster!

Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce


We’ll be attending a Let’s Do Business event this week on the 25th. It’s being hosted by both Greater Birmingham and Staffordshire Chamber of commerces. It will be held at the Uttoxeter RaceCourse and will open its doors to visitors at 10:00. We’ve got some big things planned for the event and we’re looking forward to networking with everyone attending. Only one week away now and we look forward to seeing you all there! Make sure to keep an eye out for any new details as we’ll be revealing more over the next week.

If you would like to get socially involved with our surprise you’re very welcome too, just simply use the following hashtags and we’ll be interacting all day! #FeedThePrintmonster & #LDB2015. We’ll also be live tweeting the event and making sure to keep everyone informed about how our event is going, we hope to see some of you take part.

If you’d like to find out more about this event, you can find more information here >>>

chamber of commerce

Business Cards – What They Really Need To Say!

Make Your Business Cards Stand Out!

business cards


  1. Bland – If your business cards look similar to the other business cards out there, the chances are, you and your business won’t be remembered for long. People will remember a business card that’s colourful, unique, feels good and looks good. If you really want to make a brilliant first impression, you’ll need a business card design that has been professionally tailored to you. If you have the design skills, you could design them yourself. Alternatively, you could ask for the help from a graphic designer to help you inject personality into your business cards.

  3. Stay True To Your Business – As mentioned above, business cards that stand out from the rest are brilliant. To stand out, you don’t need colourful colours, just something unique and eye catching. If you’re an accounting firm, you will not want something that is bright pink and yellow as it will just confuse people. An important step for your business cards is to make sure that your branding is aligned and your message is clear. The last thing you want is for someone to see your business cards and not have a clue what you do. Be clear, align your business with your business cards and stay true to your business and its values.

  5. Hard To Read Fonts And Sizes – Remember, not all of us have perfect vision. People shouldn’t have to put their glasses on to read what’s on your business cards. Be considerate of those with poor sight and make your business cards as clear and easy to read as possible.

  7. Poor Quality – There is nothing worse than handing over a business card that has been cheaply made with cheap materials. This will immediately convey to people that your business may be untrustworthy, unreliable and have poor products and service. That’s quite a big conclusion to make from one card, which is why it’s so important that your business cards look and feel fantastic. It will show people that you take pride in what you and your business has to offer.

  9. No Social Media Icons – Does your business use social media? Yes? That’s brilliant! You should be including icons of the social media platforms on your business cards. You don’t need to input the link as it will take up too much room. If you just display which platforms you use, it will encourage people to search for your company on those platforms. If your business doesn’t use social media, you will not need to display the social media icons as it will confuse people when they try to find you.

  11. Clutter – A business card isn’t there to pitch your business for you, neither is it there describe everything about your business. Business cards are great for giving people a brief introduction to your business and providing them with your contact information. Keep your business card design simple as it will help people to remember you.

  13. Contact Information – Although we mentioned above about clutter, it is very important to make sure that all of your relevant contact information is displayed on your business cards. Make sure that your business cards don’t look cluttered, but also display all of your contact information clearly. Include your name, title, business, mobile and business phone numbers, email, website, etc. This provides people with a multitude of ways to get in touch and doesn’t limit individuals from trying to reach you.

  15. Promise – If your business cards don’t have a catchy and memorable promise or tagline, you should include one. Going to all of the effort to make your business cards fantastic, then leaving out a tagline or promise can leave your business cards looking dull. Just imagine if brands like Mcdonalds and Nike didn’t have their iconic taglines or promises.

  17. Oversized – It would be no use having business cards that don’t fit into wallets, pockets or business card holders. This is because people want to be able to store your business cards so they can go through them sometime in the future. Having an oversized business card may lead some people to leave your business card laying around somewhere.

  19. Hand Them Out – And the most important step of them all, don’t forget to hand them out. Always keeps a supply of your business cards with you at all times, you never know when an opportunity may present itself to you.

Changes To The Printmonster Team!

We are sure you will want to join with us in sending our best wishes for future success to Gavin Obee who will be leaving Printmonster at the end of the month. We are sorry he has made the decision to move on; however we do understand his desire to pursue his career elsewhere.

Gavin has been an integral part of our team and an excellent ambassador for Printmonster. We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed working alongside him and we wish him all of the best and hope that he continues his success for many years to come. Gavin’s last day will be Friday 29th of this month.

Fortunately the other members of the team will be staying and therefore will be readily available to provide the excellent service which all of our customers have come to expect. You will appreciate that everything we do at Printmonster involves more than one person; it’s why we believe every member of our team is so important to the process.

Anthony McCormack has now joined us to continue Gavin’s good work. Anthony has spent the last 12 years working in the U.S and brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in customer services.

You may not be aware we also have plans to introduce other new members into our team as we meet our objectives for expansion. It’s an exciting time for everyone here at Printmonster; please be assured that everything we do, we do with you, our customer, in mind.

If you would like to find out a little more about Anthony, you can contact him on:

You can also reach out to him on his LinkedIn account which he’s currently excited about setting up! –