Business Christmas Cards | 7 Tips To Maximise Their Impact!

Business Christmas Cards | 7 Tips To Maximise Their Impact!

Business Christmas Cards | 7 Tips To Maximise Their Impact!


business christmas cards

Business Christmas cards are a brilliant way to say thank you to your customers! Though this may seem a little too soon for a Christmas-themed blog post, for the print trade this is just in time. We have a wide range of customers who have already purchased their Christmas cards.  As we said, this may seem way too early for some of you, but ordering them now enables them to be customised, branded, ordered, etc.  Dealing with them at this time of year also reduces the potential Christmas time stress. This is because if there are any issues, there is still plenty of time to deal with them. Having them done by Christmas also gives businesses the chance to focus on their sales/marketing/customers’ activities, without having to worry about if their business christmas cards will be ready in time. Without further ado, here are 7 tips to help you maximise your business Christmas cards this year!


Your Branding

The chances are that you’re obviously going to want your company’s name on the cards. However, have you also considered adding your logo and your company colours to the card? Tying your colours in with your business Christmas cards is a great way to make the card feel more personal. Rather than the generic green and red, using your company’s colours will also make your customers aware that you’ve gone to a lot of effort.

No Digital

Within the digital age it’s no surprise that you can create a free digital Christmas card and send your contacts the link. Although the most convenient and affordable option, what kind of impression will that give your customers? It will make them think that they’re only worth five minutes of your time. Nothing can compete with the feeling of receiving a quality greetings card through the post, especially at Christmas! So why not treat your customers and show them how much you care.

Customer Retention

The humble business Christmas card also holds a lot of power. If you take the time to think how much money you spend on keeping your customers, we imagine it’s a significant amount dearer than the cost of a Christmas card. When a customer feels valued by a company, they will naturally want to do business with the company that values them the most. Even better, you could also throw in something a little extra. Just make sure it’s not self promotional, otherwise it will tarnish your friendly, caring Christmas message.

Stand Out

There is nothing wrong with the ordinary Christmas images on your cards, but if you want your business Christmas cards to be noticed, that probably isn’t the best way to go. Chances are that your card will take pride of place amongst plenty of other cards on a table, wall, card rack, etc. So to stand out from the crowd, your Christmas cards need to be unique. You could create a unique design, include your team or even turn in into a funny, humorous card.

Greetings Cards Aren’t Just for Christmas

You could skip Christmas altogether, that may seem a little silly but it could help you stand out. Sending a New Year’s Day card would help separate your business from the load of cards that are sent out and received at Christmas. It’s also displayed at the perfect time, just before everyone is back at work.  However, if you’re feeling very generous, you could always send a business Christmas card and a New Year’s Day card!

Get Them Early

The last thing that you want to do is realise that you haven’t got your business Christmas cards ready. Especially if you’re at the end of November. An easy way to combat this is to get them done early. As we mentioned, many of our customers have already purchased theirs to make sure they’re ready in time for Christmas . Getting them sorted early also prevents the stress that’s involved when you’re scrambling for cards last minute. Due to the rush, the quality of your Christmas cards could be impacted.

Leave Plenty of Time for Delivery

We all know exactly what the postal service is like around Christmas. It becomes very busy and strained and if you leave it too late, your business Christmas cards may not arrive until the New Year. By then, your message is irrelevant and your effort would have gone to waste. Our general rule of thumb is to send them out between 5th-10th December, this will ensure that they arrive to your deserving customers on time.