At Printmonster (Monster Print, Print Monster) we offer a bespoke, professional service at extremely competitive prices. This is reflected across all of our products and services including calendars.

Calendars, as with most print are incredibly versatile. They can be used as a giveaway for a charitable event, a gift to your valued customers or just a personal calendar for your friends, family. But don't think that calendars can only be used for promotional purposes. They are great to give to your family and friends, especially if you add personal images and messages to your calendars. They're a gift that can last for a whole year and they are very useful to have in a household.

What Can Calendars Do For You?

Calendars For Your Business's Growth!

Using calendars for promotional purposes is a brilliant method of raising your brand awareness. Providing people with a valuable tool like calendars, whilst also displaying your branding sounds great, right? They can be used as prizes at a networking event or you can just hand them out freely at a networking meeting. Providing people with calendars that they probably use daily is a great way to instill trust into people. It will also get your brand recognised, whilst adding value to the lives of others. They would be even more effective if they were displayed in a busy office. Imagine you've given out some free calendars and one of them gets hung up in a busy reception, the amount of people that would see your branding would be a incredible. When you take into account the places where calendars can be displayed, it really does show how valuable these examples of print can be to a business.

Calendars Can Aid Your Fundraising Efforts!

Calendars can also be an excellent fundraising tool for schools, charities, clubs and local communities. Print monster can help you raise those all-important funds by creating a bespoke, attractive calendar at competitive prices, thus allowing you to gain revenue from their resale. They can even be designed to include advertising space allowing the organisation or group to raise even more essential funds by selling the advertising space to local businesses. Using calendars in this way could benefit a charity or group looking to raise money greatly, resulting in the cause receiving more money.

Calendars As Gifts!

Calendars can be used for a wide range of things, that's what makes calendars incredible. They seem simple at first, but when you consider how many things calendars can be used for, it can be quite surprising. Calendars make perfect gifts as they can feature bespoke messages for each person you give them to. Calendars could also be used to celebrate a wedding day! Using photos of your day and spreading them through 12 months would make a fantastic gift to close family and friends. You could also use calendars to give to your family, featuring pictures of your family and life throughout the twelve months. There are plenty of ways calendars could be used as gifts and it would take a long time to list them all on this page, but at Printmonster, we love calendars and we think they're another great example of print!

Get Design Help From Our Professional & Friendly Design Team!

Artwork can either be supplied by yourself or one of our Design Team is on hand to create your perfect calendar. Whether you require a corporate design or a fun fundraising theme, our team is on hand to produce a bespoke design to meet your specific criteria. To speak to us about your ideas and to get a quote for designing and printing your Calendar please call 01543 462323 or use our Enquiry Form. We'd be delighted to help.

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