Environmentally Friendly Printing – Helping The Environment!

Environmentally Friendly Printing – Doing Our Bit To Help The Environment!

environmentally friendly printing

We predominantly use the Cocoon recycled range of papers as they:

Have High Whiteness

unique to the recycled paper market thanks to the highly innovative chlorine-free process. This high level of whiteness is only previously experienced with virgin fibre papers.

Love ink!

Cocoon offers outstanding printability, reproducing vibrant images, accurately and consistently, every time.


Cocoon is produced from 100% or 50% post-consumer recycled, FSC certified pulp. Less energy and water are consumed and fewer CO2 emissions are produced during manufacturing, compared to the production of virgin fibre paper.

The ranges we use are:

  • Cocoon Gloss – 100% recycled fibre – 115 – 350gsm
  • Cocoon Silk – 100% recycled fibre – 115 – 350gsm
  • Cocoon Gloss 50 – 50% recycled fibre – 90 – 350gsm
  • Cocoon Silk 50 – 50% recycled fibre – 90 – 400gsm
  • Cocoon Preprint – 100% recycled fibre – 80 – 160gsm
  • Cocoon Offset – 100% recycled fibre – 200 – 350gsm

Doing our bit

At Printmonster, we are very aware of the impact our business practices can have on the environment. As a result we are committed to preventing pollution and improving upon our environmentally friendly printing services. We constantly review our quality and environmental objectives and targets through our management review programme which we undertake on a quarterly basis. We ensure that every aspect of our printing and business activities are conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices and fully meet all current environmental legislation in our effort to work towards an ISO 14001 certification.

We are constantly striving and improving our environmentally friendly printing services, not because of a rating, but because we generally care for the environment. You’ll always find us recycling at Print Monster, from milks cartons to paper. We are very dedicated to keeping our environmentally friendly printing services the best that they can be.

We achieve this by:

  • Minimising our printing waste through efficient and robust business processes
  • Maximising our use of paper from FSC / PEFC sustainable sources
  • Minimising our waste to landfill through recycling
  • Avoiding the waste of energy and fuel. We recycle every waste product that we can
  • Investing in the development of new products and processes that have an improved performance regarding their impact on the environment
  • Ensuring that we meet and where possible exceed the requirements of environmental legislation
  • Setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
  • Constantly reviewing and improving upon our environmentally friendly printing services

Forest Stewardship Council

At PRINTmonster, we only use paper stocks that have been assessed and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and as a company we are fully committed to correct paper management to help reduce the loss of woodland and to increase awareness of the damage caused by non-managed deforestation. For more information, please visit the Forest Stewardship Council website.

Our environmental procedures and environmentally friendly printing services are continuously reviewed and revised to keep up to date with the Government’s current environmental policies, thus ensuring that we help preserve and maintain the environment we live in