Nasa Branding | One Giant Leap For Russian Designer!

Nasa Branding | One Giant Leap For Russian Designer!

Nasa Branding | Could Russian Designer Lead Them Into The Future?

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Nasa have taken us into space, put men on the moon and have recently landed a probe onto a comet, yet their branding has never quite lived up to their achievements in space. The fact that their current logo is regarded by some as a “meatball” really says it all. However a Russian designer may have just solved Nasa’s branding problems.


Designing a whole new kind of Nasa branding, Max Lapteff seems to have hit the nail right on the head. It ticks all the boxes when you think of space exploration. Does it look futuristic? Yes. Does it look clean and smart? Yes. In a world where minimalism is dominating, should Nasa consider replacing their current branding for something a little more minimalistic, such as Max’s design?

In an interview with Wired, Max said “The idea came to mind at once when I looked in the night sky at the moon and saw a potentially beautiful circular logo,” he continued on to say “Our universe consists of the atoms, all planets are round, space is infinite and has no beginning or end like a circle, NASA ships and satellites constantly fly on an orbit, and so on. As well as the great inspiration behind his design, he’s even given Nasa a slogan that serves their missions well, “For the Benefit of All”.


Not only does his branding and slogan ooze space exploration, it also looks great placed on astronaut suits, space shuttles and shirts. He’s already covered changing their logo for special occasions such as landing on Mars! You can find more of Max’s Nasa branding work below:

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What do you think of this fictional version of Nasa’s branding? If you like this, you can find more of his work here!