Changing your print supplier shouldn’t be scary !

For most of us who can remember that far back, that very first day at school was certainly very scary. Trying to quickly establish friends to cling onto, not really knowing what was happening…..totally out of the comfort zone, and wanting to go home!

I’m sure we can all remember how it reduced some to tears, the fear and uncertainty was simply too much to bear.

Believe it or not, there are many companies that put up with a mediocre, or even poor printing service fearing if they move to the unknown they will have similar “first day at school” feelings

Whilst building strong relationships with any supplier is a good thing, and mutual understanding can be a truly valuable asset, sometimes price, coupled with service or quality has slipped to the point that a change simply has to be made. Perhaps there was a time that paying a bit extra was worth it due to the exceptional service you once got, but this has now all but eroded away.

If you’re at the “tipping point”, whereby change is inevitable, try the following 3 point filter to narrow down your potential choice of new print supplier:

A strong balance sheet is the key to survival. Over capacity in the market place has continued to erode the printing industry to the point that many companies barely make any profit or worse still, are losing money.

Ask what major investments have been made in the last 2 years, and what investments are planned

Many companies are struggling to survive and as such are failing to invest in modern up to date machinery. Investing in faster and more efficient equipment reflects in the quality of the finished printed brochures or magazines. Modern equipment is also faster, and more efficient, and this reflects in the prices too. Continued investment also makes a clear statement about the way a company sees its future.

Ask how their Key Account Management works

Will you have a dedicated Account Manager, and what support do they have? Also ask what technical support is available especially in the beginning. Do they have a technical manager who will do free site visits to ensure that file transfer/computers are all set up, and that your staff are trained how to do it? If you are going to make a move it needs to be smooth and seamless, with the absolute minimum amount of hassle to you.

So, if you’re happy with the all the above, it’s then worth a visit to the factory. Whilst you’re there, ask about maintenance of machines, flexibility and disaster recovery.

Most people are reluctant to make changes, but when change becomes necessary, the last thing you want is to regret your decision.

If you are currently thinking of moving your print to a new supplier, why not talk to us here at Printmonster. We’re totally transparent, make everything as easy as we can, and we treat all our customers with honesty and respect.

Printmonster Christmas Trading Days!

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