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Let’s Do Business – Printmonster’s Experience!

Let’s Do Business – What Did We Think?

Let's Do Business

Planning for the Let’s Do Business event was a lengthy, but rewarding process. It involved our team coming together and thinking up of ideas that we could use for our event. After some long meetings and discussions, we had a plan put together. We were going to create a ‘Feed The Printmonster’ game which would coincide with our recent branding.

As we started to gather the resources required for our exhibition stands and game, we all had the same vision which contributed greatly to the outcome of the event. As the game started to take shape we were all pretty excited. Once the game was complete, our Printmonsters decided to test the game and we had a lot of fun feeding the Printmonster. With Let’s Do Business fast approaching, we became more and more excited to attend and we were amazed at how many people attended.


Let's Do Business Event

Once we had arrived at Uttoxeter Racecourse, we started to set up our stand immediately. We carefully laid out each piece of our stand to make sure it looked fantastic with our game taking pride of place. Unfortunately, we did miss breakfast but we did manage to finish the stand just in time for the setup deadline.

We then got the chance to walk around and meet some of the other exhibitionists, which we thought was great! It gave us all the chance to get to know the other businesses before the Let’s Do Business event officially started. After having some interesting chats with the other exhibitors we were all ready for the event to start.

 Event Start

let's do business networking

Once the event had started, the delegates started visiting all the stands. It was incredible to see so many people there, we were told 700+ people had booked before the event and it turned out to be a fantastic 1000+ people. Luckily, Uttoxeter Racecourse was a brilliant venue and had more than enough room for everyone to spend time networking.  It was great to meet and chat with so many businesses and professionals and we thank everyone who came to have a chat with us.

The Let’s Do Business event enabled us all to learn a lot more about surrounding businesses, it also opened a few doors for a lot of people attending. There were a ton of great stands around us and it was even better to see everyone enjoying themselves whilst networking. If the atmosphere itself doesn’t convince anyone to attend next time, we sure will be recommending it to plenty of people who didn’t manage to attend.

On a sidenote,  we were very grateful for all of the brilliant feedback we got on our ‘Meet The Printmonsters’ artwork. We’re incredibly pleased that plenty of people gave positive feedback on the Printmonsters as we designed it to help you attach names to our business. You can definitely be sure to see more of these in the future. If you haven’t had the chance to see our Printmonster’s, you can find them all here >>>> http://www.printmonster.co.uk/team/

Drawing To The End Of Let’s Do Business

let's do business printmonster

Towards the end of Let’s Do Business, we got to have some great fun! One of these instances was thanks to Burton Albion C.T for giving us the chance to hold the incredible League 2 Cup!  We’d also like to say a massive thank you to Ed Sumner for performing some great magic around our stand, he certainly managed to wow a few people! We’d also like to say a big thank you to Christine Thomas for arranging for Ed to perform alongside us. If you’re interested in finding out a little more about these two wonderful people, you can find them by clicking on their names.

 Let’s Do Business Was Great Fun!!!

let's do business competitions

Altogether, the Let’s Do Business event was fantastic! It was great to see our stress balls go down well and we were very, very glad that we decided to attend. We will definitely be recommending this event for many months to come as it’s an event that nobody can afford to miss. It provided us all with the casual platform to interact with lots of great businesses and people from around our areas. We are incredibly grateful to all of those who came to have a chat with us on our stand! If any of you would like to connect with our team, you can find Anthony’s & Autumn’s LinkedIn profiles by clicking on their names.

And The Winner Is…

let's do business winner

Please join us in congratulating David Brown from Babcock Training in his recent win of our Let’s Do Business £100 restaurant voucher giveaway. We hope he enjoys his free meals when he redeems them and we wish him all the best. To everyone else who participated in the game, thank you so much for feeding our Printmonster, he was very hungry and is now very happy and full.

Special Thanks

Let's Do Business 2015Let's Do Business

Of course we’d like to say a massive thank you to the hosts of this amazing event. Staffordshire Chamber and Greater Birmingham Chamber really did put a fantastic event together and we look forward to seeing what other future events are heading our way! Thank you also to Uttoxeter Racecourse for providing us all with a fantastic venue on an incredibly beautiful day! We hope to see all of you at the next one.