The Marketing Powerhouse You Could Be Using!

The Marketing Powerhouse You Could Be Using!

                                                Print Vs Digital?

Print Vs Digital Media
Case: Print Media VS Digital Media?

We hear a lot that Printed media is constantly competing with Digital media, but is it? There are also many articles that state print is dead and that digital media is the only way forward in marketing but how much of that is true?

Why Choose Print?

Print Media

  1. You can feel and touch print, you can pick it up and put it down to return to it later. You can cut out parts and fold it up, you can do a lot with one piece of print. Once in a household it can stay there for months and even years unlike digital marketing where one tweet can disappear instantaneously.
  2. The fact that printed media is reducing can be used as a massive advantage for any company as there will be less competition and no crowding, allowing more room for your ad to shine.
  3. People often scan through digital media at a very fast pace whereas with print, people tend to take their time and focus more on what it is saying.
  4. There is no rule saying that print can’t also be digital. A simple well placed QR code once scanned can take the you to a homepage or a special offer page exclusive to those who have the printed promotion.
  5. The print industry is worth an incredible £420 billion and it drives $2.49 Trillion in related services, not only that but print is also very green and uses a lot of recycled material to make more print.



Why Choose Digital Media?

  1. It is more affordable as the cost of a post is nothing and you can generate a lot of engagement from one post which could result in profit from nothing spent.
  2. It gives fans of your company an easier way to share things about your company/brand with one single click of a button.
  3. It allows your customers/fans to interact with you and interact with others who follow your company too, which is great for everyone involved.
  4. SEO. If you can get a good spot on a Google search result that in itself will drive a lot of traction your way. If somebody searches the profession your company is in and your company comes up on the first page, then that is very valuable position to be in.
  5. Finally, you can generate massive brand recognition and awareness. Your social media platforms are a new way of expressing your brand’s voice and if you get involved with other users and companies you will gain a lot of awareness by simply interacting with other people.


Using them together

Now you’ve seen the benefits of both types of media you may be asking yourself why can’t they be used together? Why does it have to be one or the other? The answer is it doesn’t.

There are certain points that prove that digital is better than print and there are points that show that print is better than digital media, so why not combine the best of both and create a marketing strategy that incorporates the two to create a marketing powerhouse that would establish your company in the digital and physical world?

If you are asking yourself how can I combine print and digital media together, then stay tuned for our next blog post which will reveal all.